We recruit, lend and lead accountants from Asia to clients worldwide.

We recruit only the best, and it is these experts we offer our clients. The idea is really simple; we give the clients what they want.

  • Accountant service for small money;
  • The ability to work and communicate with your dedicated accountant when needed;
  • Get quick answers to questions and get an overview of what tasks are being worked on, and;
  • We keep four eyes on high security and quality.

Yes; we are different to most, and we may be seen by someone as “the ugly duckling” as our prices are significantly lower than those we compare ourselves with.

However, innovation is in our blood veins, and after analyzing the market, we have found out a new pricing structure that will be exciting for several markets. And yes; we are perhaps “the kids on the block” who got the idea, but we welcome very experienced accountant to be a part of the team, and we do have a very appealing salary and benefits structure like we secure our employee with extra health insurances.  

Our prices are calculated according to the average wages in your country and what we can deliver, and since the first factor is not the same in all countries, the savings are different from country to country, but we normal can make savings on 30% to 40%.

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