We are perhaps “the new kids” on the block, but we learn fast, and we have the newest education, new knowledge we mix up with the latest technology, and we know we can’t match many hundred years of experience. We more believe in the future and accept this, and get what is missing from the more experienced ones, and this is why you see a team of both young people fresh from the university, and you see the more experienced people in our group.

We do also believe in that to be different is a strength, like we see the diversity to be a massive value for a company, we simply use the different vital competencies and mix into our action plan for our company.

To get success in business is also to keep a keen eye on the money, and we are not afraid of using the different price levels globally to gain money, but we follow the law, we do pay our local employee better than others, and we do place an honour in shaping a motivation and inspiring every day that create happy employees.