Accounting is the language of business. Understanding what is happening in your company is very important; imagine if you don’t have any financial data to rely on, maximizing you’re resources and put it to good use is not attainable.
Also, knowing the status of the company and assessing whether you’re in good position, or you are in line with your financial budget is not possible.

AWW is here to do the bookkeeping of all business transactions. You will have a tracking of how much money you used for marketing, the expense you incurred for a specific project, and many more.

Automating your data in a system will free up a lot of your time, for you to focus on core business operations, which will result in improved financial performance.

Through our motivated and responsible accounting professionals, we maintain accurate and correct financial information, which the company can use as a basis for decision making.

Our service includes:

• Billing and Collection;
• Supplier Invoicing and Settlement;
• Bank and Credit Card Reconciliation;
• Fixed asset Acquisition and Disposal;
• Expense Payments;
• Other Accounts Reconciliation;
• Month End Entries.

And we can offer more following your requirement.