• Do you own a business where you currently handle all the work?
  • Are you looking for positive results for all the efforts you are giving?
  • Do you want a peace of mind and experience work-life balance in your everyday life as a business owner?

AWW will like to be your partner in answering these questions and achieving your goal.

Companies can outsource a part or full scope of their accounting functions to our highly qualified professionals for a reasonable amount, which is usually 30% to 40% lower compared to your current local cost. Asia is known to be a global hub for accounting professionals that are English proficient and trained in international accounting standard.
Services such as but not limited to bookkeeping of invoices, bill settlement, accounts reconciliation and expense payment, will keep your accounts accurate and up to date. We will categorize all your business transactions based on their nature, and create a system entry for each accordingly.

We prepare financial and various management reports that will help you in making sound decisions. You will gain the confidence in your financial data, and this will give you a view of the position, performance and where the company is going. Furthermore, other reports will give you a more specific knowledge as to who is your most profitable customer, which department consumed the most expenses, and many more.

With the help of our professional Accountants, we will provide business recommendations applicable to your situation. For example, regarding your business processes, we will propose improvements that will put you in a position to reach your goals.

We believe that’s its best for you to focus on things you are good at! As your partner, we will handle the accounting work, and provide you the necessary financial information that you need. Together, we’ll make this a success.

Using Cloud-Based Accounting software such as Xero and Quickbooks, automation and real-time updating of data can be achieved.

Communication is a vital part in addition to superior work ethic, we are using the latest technology to communicate which are email, direct chat, Skype, and Zoom. We also give you access to our work task system for you to stay updated all the time regarding the status of the work we need to deliver.