We at Accountant World Wide (AWW) provide an affordable creative solution to your accounting needs, lower than by 30% to 40%  1 in on the average, at your current local cost; show a calculation based on labor costs in Denmark and Singapore related to our price level.

Our accounting professionals can prepare financial and management reports that contain reliable and accurate financial data, which will help you make intelligent business decisions for your company.

We offer high-level communication; our people are all English proficient, and we can discuss anything regarding the business through emails, direct chat, Skype, and Zoom, depending on your preference, we even can offer you access to our work task system,  2 so you always know the status on the work we deliver. We are committed to our work, flexible and continuously connected online, with high-speed internet connections. 

We offer a part or full range of bookkeeping and accounting services along with financial and management reporting; all are customized according to your business requirement. We will guide you to maximize the benefit of having correct financial data, and apply best practice based on your business industry. AWW is dedicated to taking care of its clients.

By managing the non-core functions of our clients, a lot of time will be free up from your side, and you can use it to focus on growth and activities that will increase your profitability.

Through the transfer of accounting responsibility, you will experience smooth business operation. Resources previously given to non-core activities can be converted to rewarding action that directly adds value to your customer. These areas include but not limited to hiring accounting people, maintaining your accounting department, there will be saved when it comes to office space including computers and furniture, and there is no need for employee management.

We have the latest technology that can provide real-time financial information, which you can see and check anytime you want, and clients will gain access to expert advice and have confidence in their financial reports, as we provide accurate, relevant and quality services.

We will ensure data security through the use of codes, to assure that only the relevant person related to the business can access the financial data. AWW understand and value the confidentiality of all the data we have, we comply with all the normal security rules in Europe, which have some of the highest standards for data security in the world.

Also, we go beyond providing value-added services, we treat our clients as our partner, your business is our business, and we only not deliver results but rather, outstanding results.

We have a lot of different clients, and everyone is welcome, but there are three categories we have the most of, let’s introduce these:


In our world, the employees are the essential part of our business, and we have a robust employee program to support our employees.

We select our employee carefully, we select our employees on the full amount of the concept of talent, included is 14 competencies and skills, and we choose only the best matching. We also place a special high effort in evaluating the English level, all employees undergo testing in speaking English and writing English, on a level on C2 (the CEFR descriptors for language proficiency level)  We have our beliefs and only employee employees who share our beliefs can match in our team. You are welcome to see the 14 competencies and skills our employees need to have to get a job in AWW:

And as you will have to work closely with our employees we also want to tell you that we do a lot more for our employees:

  • The salaries we offer our employees is more than 20% higher than the normal salaries;
  • We offer all our employees the same health insurance so that they can feel safe and get on a private hospital if they get sick;
  • We focus a lot on workload and our leaders are trained to evaluate every task, and ready to adjust if it’s needed;
  • We train our leaders to be motivation, inspiring and to lead in the AWW way;
  • We offer two employee activities a month, where we have fun and get some nice food to eat.

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  1. Calculated based on factual salaries including reservation for holiday bonus; for Singapore bonus in connection with Chinese New Year. For Denmark reservation for a typical pension employee paid part
  2. We are using www.wrike.com