Want to know whether you gain any profit from a particular project? Interested to see if you’re in line with your financial budget for the year? Or you want to be aware of the strategies that can reduce expenses and increase your income? And many more.

All these questions in mind can be answered through the preparation of different financial reports, depending on what you want to know as the owner or management of the company.

AWW offers the preparation of a complete set of financial statements which are the Statement of Financial Position, Statement of Financial Performance and Statement of Cash Flows.

These are the most common reports management usually ask from the accounting department. Here, you will know how much income you earned and expenses you incurred in different categories, such as sales and marketing, in a particular period. You will also know what your assets and liabilities are, and whether your company is being financed primarily by debt or equity from its owners. Furthermore, you will understand you’re cash flow, what happened to your money, both the inflow and outflow of cash.

We can also produce reports for management such as but not limited to Profit and Loss Budget vs. Actual, Financial Budget, and Forecasting. These are all tools that will guide you to make the correct and appropriate decision in any business scenario.

Also, timely reports will give you a picture of the current situation you are in, which is crucial, in order for you to resolve any current issues you are facing.

We will not just give you numbers; we’ll make sure that you get the essence and obtain the best information out of each report.

Financial and Management reports include::

• Statement of Financial Position;
• Statement of Financial Performance;
• Statement of Cash Flows;
• Profit and Loss – Budget vs. Actual;
• Profit and Loss per Project or Department;
• Financial Budgeting;
• Financial Forecasting;
• Ratio Analysis;
• Any Financial Reports depending on your business requirement.