Salary levels in some countries in Asia like Hong Kong and Singapore are very high compared to other nearby nation. In effect, companies located in these areas are spending a huge amount of their money on their payroll.
AWW offer quality Accounting services for a much lower price, which is 30% to 40% on the average, compared to your current local cost. This is possible because we are using the difference in the price level in each country.
Resources previously spent on payroll can now be put to activities related to growth and profitability. Cost savings will result in larger opportunities and increase in net profit.

Through our qualified accounting professionals, we provide quality services. We will do the bookkeeping of all business transactions and create the basic and advanced financial reports, where you can use as a basis for making strategic business decisions.

Knowledge such as financial position, performance, and growth of the company can be obtained through these reports. Furthermore, depending on your requirement, we can prepare a personalized report, if you need specific information such as who is your most profitable customer.
We will discuss in detail the specific output you want from us and then, we consider all things necessary to achieve our common goal. We’ll work hand in hand with you to ensure all concerns are properly and timely addressed. The multicultural adaptability and in-depth knowledge of our people in their chosen field will make all the difference.

We have a dedicated team of accounting professionals, along with their accounting certifications and relevant experience, from junior to senior level personnel, who will handle your accounts.
Consistent communication will be in place in order for us to have the assurance that we are always on the same page.