The concept of service is something special for us; we honor it as one of the essential differences in the relationship we have with our clients, in the cooperation we have. Therefore we spend the time talking about what service we provide our customers, and we always stretch a bit longer.

For us, service is both about the behaviour we have, the kindness we show in our everyday lives and, of course, it is also the services we offer in the form of bookkeeping, accountancy, checking numbers, getting the approvals, the two person’s approval of the final numbers, the thorough audit.

In our world, service is:

  • About the work we deliver;
  • The various options we offer;
  • The level of seriousness and trust we shape in our everyday workflow;
  • The high level of detailedness and the accuracy in the figures we deliver;
  • Our flexibility and our employees’ ability to adapt;
  • The way we communicate and secure the messages become a reality;
  • Our work requires trained and well-experienced specialists, and with pleasure, we can tell we only have the best employees;
  • All of our employees are introduced and trained in our service model, and they know it requires a professional attitude beyond an average level, and;
  • They know that our clients are highly appreciated and that we do much more to create the right mood, now that we are close together, and they are about how you experience the cooperation.

In short, service in our company is about merging our deliveries with the personality and the way act, so we shape a positive difference in how our clients perceive it, and that’s something that requires motivation, inspiration, guidance, and leadership.

We have always worked with service as part of our every day, and we are proud of the results we achieve, and we are pleased that our customers notice it and think we are making an extra effort, it is a pleasure to shape satisfied and happy clients.

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