Starting up a business is a worthwhile journey, worth taking the risk, and full of challenges where you can grow. Especially in the beginning, it often requires a keen eye on the money, and the investment, a job that mainly takes time and energy.
A significant amount of work needs to be done in the areas of sales, marketing, production, accounting and many more. We believe that it is essential for you to focus your attention on growing your market, to generate the best possible result for the products and services you offer.

Start-up companies, AWW want to be part of your success journey. We can take care of your books and financial information. We understand that as a start-up, this stage you are in now, you are very careful when it comes to your business transactions, particularly in your expenses. Having us as your partner will not cost you a lot of money compared to your local services, in fact, lower than 30% to 40% on the average.

We can be a great partner, through our accounting professionals with the right qualifications and knowledge-based experience; we will manage your accounts from the start. We’ll help you to set up the company profile, chart of accounts, customer, supplier and all the necessary items for a business to have a reliable financial data in a Cloud-Based Software.

We will handle the bookkeeping of all business transactions up to financial statement preparation for you to focus your attention on activities that will bring profitability and stability. An analysis made based on these reports will enhance company decision making and will inform you on how to maximize the use of available resources to increase company value.

To guide you more, we can prepare different management reports such as profit and loss budget vs. actual, to assess whether your business is in line with your plan. Also, by looking at your financial ratios and reviewing your key performance indicators, we can find ways to reduce costs, increase profits and improve financial data.
As part of our work culture, we will not just provide you with reports; we will discuss it with you to extract all the significant financial information needed, for the company to move forward.