Working with us

We are proud of presenting our company culture and our belices:

We have learned that hard work following a target give results. We are perhaps “the new kids” on the block, but we are fast learners, and we have the newest education, new knowledge we mix up with the latest technology, and we know we can’t match many hundred years of experience. We more believe in the future and accept this and get what is missing from the more experienced ones, and this is why you see a team of both young people “fresh to-go” often direct from the university like you see the more experienced people in our group.

We do also believe in that to be different is a strength, like we see the diversity to be a massive value for a company, we simply use the different vital competencies and mix into our action plan for our company.

To get success in business is also to keep a keen eye on the money, and we are not afraid of using the different price levels globally to gain money.
It is important or us to be trustful, we do always follow the law, like we cant accept corruption. We see our earnings as assets and a tool to shape a better world for our employees and the humanitarian organization we support.

We do pay our local employee better than others, and we do place honor in shaping a motivation and inspiring every day that create happy employees.

We secure all employees, not only the management team, but all employees health insurance so the best available doctors can look after our employees if they get sick, we simply want the employees to feel safe when they work for us, when they travel for us, and when they are off work.

It’s important to mention that we as business professionals are neutral and we do follow the Human Rights. We don’t discriminate like we do not engage at any time in controversies of a political relation, racial, religious, sexual or ideological nature.
We do believe in the freedom to speak – but we also believe in showing respect to other people.

Statistics show clearly that the three biggest reasons why employees leave a company are the management behavior, the work volume, and the fear to be terminated.
We have therefore one time for all, decided to intense train our leaders be motivating, inspiring and to lead in the everyday.

We do place a significant weight on our leader’s shoulders, and we require that they know why, how, when and the correct level; a task is completed on, and we train them in evaluating the workload to secure that a workload is adjusted, so it fits the employees work level.

We genuinely see your leader as the employee mentor, and we train them in working with our employees in a way, so they guide and educate “on the floor.”

The environment is shaped a long time before we had a look at you. We defined a personal profile, and this is the foundation for our search, and we will in an honest way evaluated you, so we are sure you share the same believes as we believe in.

We do not just choose our employees only on the last two jobs experience and the right education, we select you on the full amount of matching talent and on the match to our beliefs, and we have a unique developed recruitment model.

Already from the first talk, you will be evaluated by three persons, your nearest leader, the leaders mentor and a psychologist from Human Resources.
Those people will also be your guardians and mentors in every day, and the most important mission they have is to get you to have success, feel you are supported. We want you to be happy – to love your job, and feel safe in your position. We do enjoy every day and invest a lot in training, and we are sure you will feel the difference.

We are a workplace with a zero tolerance against discrimination, we offer salaries based on an internally made yearly salary survey, and the salary raise is based on your performance in the job, as we also look on the inflation level in the country. We do believe in a close relationship with our employees, and this can be new for some, it is a culture shaped with the purpose to support you to get success.